Days of future past Collection 2020

Days of future past Collection 2020 – The RedCat Gallery Prints

Trees, water and green grass dominate a scene where man simply fade as an ancient memory. Starring at this landscapes gives you that little moment where you actually crave and love to make it happen just before understanding what it really means. I don’t know if is “politically correct” to say it, but looks like the landscape would be heavenly pretty without us in the middle. Some could think about a green turn went rouge looking at this funny Oranges, some other could laugh about conqueror trees, but what would actually be if those crazy trees took the power? ​​​​​​​

Prints avaible at the Giftshop.

Days of future past Collection 2020 ( Sevilla – Cordoba – Toledo – Madrid )  #theorangerepublick

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