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Concept Artist

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Riccardo Rossi is a Freelance Architect / Designer /Startup Developer @work and a Concept Artist raised on Graffiti_Arts in Milano, EU. Currently based in Sevilla where he founded ilSignorRossi Art Studio in 2015. His Art blends Architecture and Fantasy, swinging from Analog performances to Augmented Reality outputs.

Michael Padilla is a photographer, educator, and nurse based in Seville, Spain. His work reflects on the intemporality of the world that surrounds us, and on finding one’s place within that structure, society, or environment through mindful awareness of the unobserved cycles that we navigate in our daily lives.



Artist Profiles – Non Human Artists


Non Human Art

At the RedCat Gallery we like to test and engage new technologies and classic Art.  We love to draw stories over social media to promote our artistic intents, for this reason trough the use of our Non Human Artists , we are experimenting the possibilities and limits of the World Wide Web as art creators.


The Orange Republick

The Orange Republick is an Artist collective based in Seville, Spain, Europe.

Our goal is to promote the unheard and not listened voice of trees.

Artist Profiles –  Active Citizen Trees