Á Velázquez

A Velázquez drawings. A graphic journey in and out Fine Arts by Riccardo Rossi & El Mudo Velázquez.

Act I – Piccoli Falsi d’Autore

​​​​​​​Caran d’Ache on pre-printed paper – 2022

A graphic journey in and out fine Arts. An old technique, a modern vision. A Velázquez drawings Riccardo Rossi & El Mudo Velázquez

The collection develops a journey through the Italian’s experience of Diego Velázquez from 1629 – 1631 and the Desktops of Riccardo Rossi at the RedCat Gallery.This drawings are a peculiar blend between Screenshots and Crayons.

Artists Riccardo Rossi & El Mudo Velázquez.

Format: A4 pre printed papers

Concept: Past Vision Stratification. All the subjects have been treated carefully, migrating from digital to A4 Papers with a new thin layer added.

 Grotesque !

” Elements and Subjects mix over the original grains of the Painting, confusion and allegory melt down a metaphysical space that outreach these Framework I’ve created.

While going down in scale, I discovered my storytelling in a framed reality, packed with symbols and self reflections.

Metaphorically speaking this set of artwork are a Modern Baroque veil. This collection is a cable hidden behind frames, papers and an endless timeline.

Da Mediolanum

Thinking to Play along with Velázquez learning the Italian way, walking trhough drawings speak out the heritage embedded in the Artist itself. Da Vinci, De Medici and the Dome are a recurrent subject in this awkward compositions.


Particular attention was is given to Frames.

Starting from the actual frames of the Original Painting

( Gardens of Villa De Medici, by Diego Velázquez @El PRADO) 

Following a series of Primitivist frames where Red wood sticks design the Canvas limits with Red/Yellow/Blue filters.

Act II – Al buon Retiro

​​​​​​​Caran d’Ache on pre-screenshotted paper – 2022

Act III – The Tag

​​​​​​​Caran d’Ache on post-painted paper – 2022

Act IV – Da Vinci Resolve

​​​​​​​Caran d’Ache on post-painted paper – 2022

Act V – Tana 2000

​​​​​​​Caran d’Ache on post-painted paper – 2022

A Velázquez drawings by Riccardo Rossi & El Mudo Velázquez.

During the last years I’ve been working on this personal inner exploration, a rocky road  through my own mirrors and errors.

I don’t know how I ended pairing with Diego,  the Master. But I’m sure that under his shadow I was able to grow stronger than before.