American Graffiti

Not to be confused with graffiti in the United States.

The story of this drawing roots back to that time where the world was looking at caves, painting terror on walls. American Graffiti therefore is a collection of drawings and concepts, thought over a ten year period (Afghani war) and drawn experimentally on mixed media during those torrid days of August 21 while looking at the full scale withdraw live. 


American Graffiti Drawing, El Mudo Velázquez Riccardo Rossi

American Graffiti

The Modern Tale of “Suzanne de Rota”

21x 29 Pencils on Paper – 2021

The scene paints the Coronation of Suzanne de Rota.  

Replaying the event 

Original elements  – The Coronation of Napoleon / Kandahar Cave’s Wall


American Graffiti

American_Graffiti gif


This is not America


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