See what others can’t

Original artwork: Entrance to the Town of Carmona.
Grabado en plancha de acero de 1834 David Roberts.
From: Jennings Landscape Annual, Spain, Andalucia, 1835, Thomas Roscoe.

Art Recicle: During the last decade, we saw how Minimalism landed in our living rooms, cleaning furnitures and whitening walls, a silent movement that step by step renovated our homes making any other previous style outdated.

Here in Seville, a traditionally baroque city, we simply jumped from gold frames to black and white in matter of years, filling day after day the garbage containers. It was savage to see all those pieces from the past laying now on the ground.

Paintings, lithographs, frames or statues were a daily surprise to enjoy and collect. After filling every inch of my house, i started a process of review and restoration, playing with concepts and traditions, styles and symbols to bend everything to my storytelling.

The Way back

​​​​​​Acrylic painting over Lithograph
150×100 cm