Urban Facts Theory

 Organic Cartography

This series of paintings and drawings are part of a private investigation in the field of cartography and architecture, searching for a new representation of the Urban tissue.
I always felt as an Architect that something was missing in the way we represent and approach cartography. Developing the concept that Aldo Rossi stated in the “theory of urban facts”, i think that the actual way of mapping the building structure of our cities was missing all those elements that characterize the urban tissue (physical and metaphysical).
I’m playing with tools and rules of cartography in order to show  all that life that a simple map forget to show. Like the “Situationist Movement” i tried to forget the concepts i studied in Architecture in order to achieve a real emotional map. Has been a voyage through colours and shapes, geometry and hierarchy, where urban elements express their inner soul and power, where buildings becomes receptors or connectors instead of lines and points, creating a new displacement where new equilibriums draw that network that compose our modern cities.

The Mother Cell

Acrylic over plexiglass – 2015


Acrylic over Street map – 2015

La sessione Italiana


Acrylic over Rome street map – 2016

La Rinascente

Acrylic over Milano street map – 2016

La Betica

Acrylic over street map on guitar – 2016