Handmade NFT Soccer Jerseys

Handmade Soccer Jerseys NFT is a collection of Non Fungible Tokens of Soccer Jerseys. Handmade by Il Signor Rossi Tokenized by el Mudo Velazquez



Handmade Soccer Jerseys NFT

From Pencils to Tokens


This IS OUR FIRST CONCEPT-WORK IN THE NFT SPACE. AS AN ARTIST AND DEVELOPER i focused this collection on one simple idea: Binding real art value to this new era of FIN TECH ART products. FOR THIS REASON I OPTED TO START FROM BASICS.


as usual, as an italian Artist wuold do, i started from the only things I had in my luggage.

Pencils and Paper

When I FIRST approAched this project, i decide to shape a series of elements that could DEFINE a modular AND WIDE OFFER to invert on.

I tried to push “hand” and “digital” abilities to achieve a stable element to work with in and out the digital format.

through the production of unique pieces, I personally ensured THE VALUE OF THE ENTIRE COLLECTION without loosing my touch along the tokenization process.



we will sell the first serie of nft at a fix base price of

1 ethereum each.

Handmade Soccer Jerseys NFT


Become part of the Collection

 we will open the production to external commissions to expand the collection and backers.


In this first phases of the project we are opening to new players.

we are looking forward to build a straight relation of mutual growth with digital collectors. We do not seek big numbers, we are looking for a small pack of investors to have a productive Artist/Mecena relation.

Handmade Soccer Jerseys NFT

All the artworks are made by real hand drawings and later tokenized at the RedCat Gallery.

All papers will be made public and exhibit on January 2023